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Autonomous Vehicles

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OmniCAV is a consortium of ten world-leading organisations working together to develop a simulation-based framework for the testing and certification of autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the UK.


Autonomy has the potential to deliver safer, smarter mobility for all. But first we need to know that autonomous vehicles can handle challenging road conditions, on country lanes as much as crowded city streets. Testing this on public roads alone is not safe or scalable.


Funded jointly by Innovate UK and the project partners, OmniCAV is drawing on experience from across the AV ecosystem to create a realistic simulation that will enable accurate, reliable, and scalable testing of autonomous vehicles in a risk-free virtual environment.

Key Benefits

The OmniCAV project will reinforce the UK’s reputation as one of the world’s leaders in the development and deployment of AV technology. In doing so, it will also provide significant benefits for the AV ecosystem and wider public.

  • Accelerating the introduction of safer, smarter mobility – in time for the 2021 government target for AVs on our roads
  • Building public trust and confidence in the safety of autonomous vehicles
  • Enabling autonomous mobility in rural areas, which are most in need of improved transportation
  • Reinforcing the UK’s reputation as a leader in the automotive and high tech sectors
  • Providing tools and processes to strengthen the UK’s AV ecosystem
  • Encouraging cross-sector collaboration and stakeholder engagement to address the complex issues surrounding the broad adoption of autonomous vehicles
  • Contributing a UK perspective to global safety standards to benefit the AV industry

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